Five Reasons Reveal the Jaw Crusher Returns

At present, the price of jaw crusher is increasing, both the market competition, and because of some shortages of jaw crusher’s design in part. This article, from two aspects of equipment and materials, reveals the causes of the jaw crusher returns.

As the development of the economy in industry, Heavy industry has developed rapidly in many parts of the domestic and overseas, also in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, and water conservancy and chemical industry. In this situation, various kinds of crushing equipment is developed. Jaw crusher is a kind of suitable for crushing all kinds of hard, strong abrasive stone crushing equipment, the highest compressive strength of 320 mpa, the crusher’s crushing cavity is composed of moving jaw and static jaw , simulation animal two jaw movement to process the raw material.

At present, the price of jaw crusher is increasing, On the one hand, it’s a long time for the equipment get production and the market competition is intense, On the other hand is due to the design of the jaw crusher itself has some defects, will appear returns in the processing. This phenomenon is because the material is out of the inlet, the raw material cannot be crushed by the moving jaw and static jaw, but be extruded by the jaw plate , from the feeding port to fly out. This includes many reasons, from the aspects of equipment analysis: first, the parts do not tally with the drawing size, if the parts’ processing and assembling, such as the length and thickness of the jaw, knee length, frame s do not tally with the drawing design size, it is easy to generate returns. Second, the output mouth’s width is too large. The output mouth’s width can be adjusted, is not entirely determined by the jaw crusher type,as the same specifications of the crusher, it is easier to get return if the output mouth’s width is more lager .

Analysis from the aspects of material, the first, the raw material will get imbalance force , broken material in crushing chamber is balance, not upward or downward movement, but once the material is irregular, the stress of the material in the vertical direction is not balanced, the material is extruded under the action of upward force component. Second, the friction coefficient of jaw and the raw material is small, the moving jaw and static jaw are designed as tooth shape, is to increase the friction coefficient of jaw and the raw material, it can avoid the relative motion between the broken material with the jaw plate as far as possible. In a word, should avoid jaw plate wear, increase the coefficient of friction. Third, the will be broken materials’ size has big difference, if less number of large pieces of material, equipment can work normally, If more number of large pieces of material, it will be squeezed between the two small pieces, it will get returns inevitably .

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