S-series ultrafine mill has become the most ‘killer’ in high quality kaolin paper making

thus the increasing sophisticated development of kaolin paper industry, the S-series ultrafine mill can improve the quality of paper and turn over a brand new chapter of the Chinese papermaking technique in the 21st century.

The 21st century is surrounded by innovative concepts and high-tech, people will usher the progress of traditional industry and the grown of advanced material and new-tech industry.as the largest consumer industry of kaolin, papermaking industry share 60% of the whole consumption. The powder produced by the S-series ultrafine mill will make your paper better!

Kaolin, which is widely used in major industries, has a pearly luster and with a color of pure white or light gray. It mainly used in two fields, the first one is to be used as filler in papermaking industry; the other one is as the decoration paint in building material industry. The reason why Kaolin is used to make paper is not only because of it can increase the degree of whiteness, opacity and gloss, but also make it easier to print.The S-series ultrafine mill will become the most overwhelming equipment in improving the quality of paper.

Recent years, ultrafine grinding technique has not only been generalized in building material industry but also greatly influenced papermaking, ceramics and painting industry etc. the finer of the raw material, the better. In the later process, the finer, the higher degree of the integration which lead to the higher quality of the product.in the producer, except for the wood, the percentage of the filler is 10 to 20 percent while the kaolin ration is about 20 to 35.Hence, the quality of the kaolin powder has great influence on the final product. The ultrafine mill, with less lump-sum investment, low consumption and high wear resistance, is a technology upgrade of the Raymond mill. We give a special design about the ring and the roller of the ultrafine mill because of the kaolin is viscous material, vulnerable components has little effect on the capacity and the fineness of the product. Besides, the mesh of ultrafine mill can screen the kaolin that do not match need, this guarantee the raw material completely reach the standard. The mesh and area are adjustable. It is easy operation and meet the need for making different quality paper.

As one of the four Great Inventions in ancient china, papermaking technique is the best witness for the wisdom of Chinese people. Today, we use kaolin to make paper at the meantime introduce the ultrafine mill which successfully opened a new chapter in papermaking. So far, the kaolin papermaking market turns well. There are over 700 kaolin occurrences in the whole country. The ultrafine mill will greatly improve the quality of paper and become the most ‘killer’ in kaolin papermaking.


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