Leaders of the non-metallic milling industry--efficient ultrafine agitating mill

As we enter new century, dramatic changes have taken place in the social economy, as well as the milling industry, along with the increased demand for ultrafine mineral powder. Under this situation, ultra fine agitating mill with high efficiency is taking the lead in the milling industry and has been a new spot in this field.

Mineral processing equipments are essential during the exploitation of mineral resources. Generally speaking, the mineral process plant can be classified into the following types: aggregate crushing plant, sand making plant, mineral powder making plant, ore beneficiation plant, etc.

In light of the final size of the product, different processing plant is equipped with different machines. Ultrafine crushing and agitating mill have gained its reputation in recent years. When the grinding media get impacted, cut, and grinded by the agitating device, the raw material is crushed during this process. Conventional mill rely on the cylinder’ movements while the agitating mill’s input power is directly used to rotate the agitating device, which grind the raw materials, therefore, its powder efficiency will be a bit of higher than conventional mill and vibromill. And the cylinder is in the groove, circular and vertical shape.

The diversity of the raw material stirred the appearance of the multi type ultra fine agitating mill. In plastics, paper, paint, chemical, metallurgy, ceramics and other industries, different purity, fineness, particle size distribution, particle shape and color of the material will have different purposes. Thus, the ultra fine grinding process effects is not only to get a smaller size, but the characteristics of the processed material, and secondary pollution, the processing capacity and energy efficiency matters. For example, mica powder, used to produce pearlescent pigment, its diameter-to-thickness ratio should be ensured, as well as smooth surface, without scratches and secondary pollution, which requires medium speed of the agitating mill, smooth surface of the medium ball and rubbing approach to process the raw material.

There are two processing methods in the unlra fine milling technology, dry and wet processing methods. First one is mainly used to produce the mineral powder from 600-2500 mesh, such as calcium carbonate, talc, calcined magnetite powder and so forth. This method costs less money, energy, and can save the drying equipments which should be used in the wet process. Surface modification can be achieved as well. Wet process is mainly used to produce ultrafine powder; the ideal wet method is to grind the raw material in close-circuit, by doing this, the minerals can be grinded properly, the milling efficiency is improved, therefore, the manufacturer can ensure stability of the final product fineness. Based on the current milling technology, SBM’s machinery has been equipped with advanced raw material processing solution.

With the rapid development of the new material, a large number of ultra-fine non-metallic mineral powders are needed for the industry use in recent years. And this situation means a great stimulus to the development of the ultra fine milling industry. Especially ultra fine agitating equipments have already made enormous contribution in paint, ink, paper, ceramics, plastics, magnetic materials, functional materials and refractory gold industry.

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