Ultrafine mill has become the most popular equipment for highway construction in Sudan

In 2013 there will be 7 highway under construction in Sudan which requires a large quantity gravel aggregates. In the meantime, this will drive the development of upgrade industry- ultrafine mill. Choosing high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection crushing and grinding equipment means a lot.

From Transportation Meeting of Sudan held in 2013, we learn that another 10 highway reserve bases are in the plan except that 7 highways will be under construction. Construction of highway will promote rapid development of ultrafine mill in Sudan.

Ultrafine mill is used to make fine orsuper-micro powder, fineness can reach to d97≤5μm. Raw material should be non-inflammable and non-explosive, also below 6Mohs, such as lime stone, dolomite, Kaolin, talc, barite, graphite, and so on.

This mill is designed and developed on the basis of extensively applying advanced foreign and domestic technologies and combining years of experiences in various mills’ production. It has the advantages of widespread usage, high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, high drying capacity, large particle materials allowance, easy fineness adjustment, stable chemical composition, no hit among steel balls or direct contact of metal materials on running, low noise and less wear etc. With a separator in the mill, no separate classifier is needed. So it takes less space, and so does building area. Its grinding roller can be pulled out of the machine for easy maintenance. Thus, compared with other milling equipment, the price of this ultrafine mill will be slightly higher.

With various advantages out of all comparison, ultrafine mill plays an irreplaceable role in the construction of highways. The device has many unmatched characteristics:

1 Product fineness: One time product fineness can reach d97 ≤ 5μm;
2 High Efficiency: On the condition of same product fineness and same motor power, its production efficiency is 40% higher than jet mill and agitation mill;
3 High safety and reliability: Without roller bearing nor screws in grinding chamber, there is no concerns of damageable bearing seals or sealing elements problems, nor loosening screws cause destruction to the machine;
4 High utilization rates of easy worn parts: In the circumstances of same materials and same fineness of final product, it has a longer time performance—generally up to one year, than the impact crusher and turbine crusher;
5 Environmental protections: Dust removal and noise reduction equipment can meet national environmental standards; and it indeed takes effect in protecting its surrounding environment.

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