Good Performance and Strong Power Fully Guarantee the Delivery Volume of Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor plays an important role in the stone production line, and its performance has a direct impact on the continuity of the production chain.

In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of market economy, all walks of manufacturers are pushed to adopt efficient equipments, optimize production processes, expand production scale, to achieve automated production operations. Under such circumstances, the mining industry also puts forward higher requirement on the processing equipments. The manufacturers all improve the existing process, adopting a variety of equipments with better performance, high stability, larger yield, high degree of automation. In stone crushing and screening production line, belt conveyor plays an important role. It is not only the link connecting various equipments, but also the guarantee to achieve continuous and automatic production. In other word, the performance of belt conveyor directly affects the capacity of the production line.

  Belt conveyor is suitable for transporting bulk material and piece items, and also the indispensable economical conveying equipment for the assembly line, characterized with large capacity, long distance. In addition to the sheer material transporting, it can also be flexibly compatible with other equipments, forming a complete processing line. The installation is also very flexible, users can choose horizontal installation or inclined installation to meet the different needs of arrangement. More importantly, it can be automated and centralized controlled, effectively reducing the labor input and production cost, being the optimal, economical, efficient and continuous conveying equipments.

  To provide a equipment suitable for the transported material and delivery volume, the belt conveyor can be divided into six different types. Different models are different with power and capacity. The largest capacity is up to 480t/h, which can meet the requirement for most users. We can also customize one according to the actual situation if the user has some special requirements. The quality and stability is guaranteed, which can work with the temperature ranging from -20℃ to +40℃. The specially designed shape like Chinese Character “Ren” can effectively solve the slip problem, which is reliable, stable, safe and efficient.


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