The Technical Parameters and Structure Comparison of PF Series Impact Crusher

PF0607, PF0806, PF0707 and PF0808 are the several best-seller models of PF series impact crusher on the market, the capacities of which are closely related to the rotor diameter in the technical parameters.

PF series impact crushers are almost single-rotor structure. The main technical parameters of crushing equipment contain rotor diameter and length, feeding size, maximum feeding size, capacity, motor power and outline dimensions etc. There is a variety of crusher models according to different parameters. Currently the models of mini impact crushers are mainly PF0607, PF0806, PF0707 and PF0808. People summarize the structure features of different models of crushers by comparing the same parameter.

The naming of impact crushers has a close relationship with their technical parameters. PF0808 impact crusher means that the parameter of its rotor diameter and length is 800*80mm. In the same way, the diameters of PF0607 and PF0806 are separately 600mm, 800mm. Thus we find that the model has a direct link with its rotor diameter. What kind of role does the rotor play in the structure of impact crusher?

The structure of PF series impact crusher mainly consists of three parts, namely the body part, the rotor part and the breaking plate. The main parts of the body are the base, the front box frame and the rear box frame. The breaking plates are welded by steel plate; the screws fasten the high manganese steel liner above the breaking plates. The gap between the breaking plates and the blow bar can be adjusted according to the users’ need. Here are the features of the rotor part in allusion to the technical parameters of impact crusher. The PF0806 impact crusher is made of high manganese steel; the blow bar is fixed on the base; the rotor shaft driven by V-pulley produces impact on materials

Compared with Jaw crusher, the impact crusher has higher crushing ratio. The main reason is that the rotor with blow bar breaks materials entered the hopper from above to below; the materials will receive the same resilience on the breaking plates after the rotor impact force and go through twice crushing process. The diameter of impact crusher has direct impact on the force of blow bar and crushing effects. The price of PF0707 impact crusher is different from that of PF0808, PF0806 and PF0607 because of the rotor structure. The PF0806 impact crusher has better crushing effects than PF0607, the final size of materials are more in line with market demands.

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