How to Deal With Belt Conveyor Deviation And Skidding Problems

belt conveyor is used to transport raw materials from one certain spot to the final unloading spot. As a relatively mature product, the installation and deviation problems have attracted lots of attention from its users.

Among all kinds of carrying equipments, belt conveyor has a simple structure and high carrying capacity and strong adaptability.Also it is flexible, stable, energy-saving. What is more, its installation is much easier, so is the unloading operation. Belt conveyor, the dominant carrying equipment, is extensively used in mining ,metallurgy, ports and other industries. Problems such as deviation, skidding occurs frequently. It will be conducive to the users to know how to solve these problems.

The following article will make a detailed illustrations about the belt conveyor deviation and skidding problems. To avoid these problems ,the most important thing is the installation precision and the daily maintenance. The reason to cause the deviation may be various, therefore the solutions are different.

I.Installation of self-aligning idler. Self-aligning idler has many types such as the middle shaft type, four-link, vertical roller with automatic adjustment, etc. The belt adjustment will be achieved through the force generated by the idler. Generally speaking, this method is effective under the condition that the belt is a bit of short and the belt is in a two way running operation. It is well-known that the short belt can deviated easily and can not be adjusted easily. On the contrary, for long belt conveyor ,the installation of self-aligning idler will do harm to its lifespan.

II. Adjustment of the self-aligning idler. The adjustment of the self-aligning idler can solve the belt conveyor middle deviation problems. Mounting holes on the idler should be lengthened,which can save a lot of energy when the belt needs to be adjusted. The specific operation are like following: the idler’s adjustment should be in match with the deviation direction of the belt.

III.Adjust the roller and change the roller position. The adjustment of the roller is of great importance. The adjustment methods are similar with the former one which we have mentioned above. If the belt goes to the right side of the head roller , the right side of the bearing seat to be moved forward. The same method can be used when the belt deviates towards left. Rear roller adjustment method is just the reverse.

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