Steel slag crushing project of Nanchang Seagull Group, China

With the rapid growth of steel production, the total amount of iron and steel slag---the main solid wastes produced by iron and steel enterprises, is also increasing dramatically. Recycle and reuse of iron and steel slag has become one of the ways to save energy and reduce energy consumption in smelting industry. A slag company in Nanchang (belonging to a member of a Nanchang iron and steel Group) bought two sets of HPF220, HPC220 to crush steel slag from our company. The final product particle size is less than 12mm. It has played an important role in the further recycle and reuse of steel slag.
Daily operation: 12 hours; Material: Iron and steel slag; Output size: <12mm.

On-site Photo


Customer Feedback

The biggest harvest after participating in Canton Fair is to get acquainted with SBM. At the Canton Fair, SBM staff gave a very enthusiastic answer on our needs, After the Fair, we specially came to SBM to investigate. SBM trip let us more firmly establish cooperation with SBM. Finally we purchased two sets of HPC220, HPF220. Equipment is currently running very well.Person in charge of a slag company in Nanchang

Production Process