The Introduction of Modern Type Glass Crusher Production Process

Technology is changing people's labor patterns, in the same way, the glass crushing process is also changing all the time. The traditional glass crushing production process has been far from meeting requirements of the people. Only advanced new type glass crusher and its intelligent process can meet the development of the industry.

Zambia is rapidly pushing on the national infrastructure, which not only requires a lot of building materials, but also needs a lot of glasses. As we all know, glass used in all aspects of our lives, not only have the function of function, but also have decorative effect. After large-scale urban infrastructure and demolition, the remaining glasses mostly become waster and also occupy large space, the most important thing is that it easily causes injury or death if we misplace the waste glass. In addition, at the same time, we need a lot of glass productions. So it is very important and urgent that how do we can turn waste glass into treasure, save resources and a lot of urban construction funds? This requires the help of The Glass Crusher, we can change glass waste into treasure with its advanced technology and intelligent production process, glass waster been recycled, which still can be used for our lives.

Before we recycle the waste glasses, must dearly know the detailed properties of the glass, because the properties of the material is very important for choosing the suitable material processing equipment, only we choose the suitable glass crusher can we achieve the desired effect. The Mohs Hardness of glass is 5.5-6 which belongs to the medium-hard materials. And the glass crusher in general market not only crushes glass, but also is suitable to process brittle material. However, modern glass crushing process has been far different from the traditional method, which adopts the system of float glass crushing production. The system is mainly composed of fall of plate, plate and crusher machine. The equipment conveys the unqualified glass fall in the assembly line directly to roller crusher crushing floor warehouse for secondary crushing and mashing, so it falls an angle through the fall plate, then connect plate roller cohesion, unqualified glass been transported to the Glass Crushing machinery, there is a cone crushing warehouse below plate and crusher, the bottom of the crushing warehouse install secondary crusher, the crushed class after secondary crushing been into circulation over belt system, Board roller device and crusher are openly install on the floor, dust with entry and exit of crusher all can fly out and then touches the roller conveyer equipment and the transferring qualified glass surface, the second crushing is also like this.

These are the new flow of modern glass crushing process which compared with the traditional crushing method is method more safe and efficient, it is also very helpful for enterprise’s long-term investment interests. Time in constant progress, The New Type of Glass Crusher has some technical updates every year, for time is money in the market competition, who can make the biggest production efficiency in the shortest time will win the advantage in the market.

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