The main component of limestone is CaCO3. Its Moh's hardness is 3. Big block of limestone can be broken into little particle and further ground into limestone powder. The finished products are widely used in building material, road, metallurgy and chemical engineering industry. Lime can be divided into quick lime and slaked lime. CaO (quick lime) can be got when we calcine the limestone. The quick lime is lumpy and it is often applied in water and asphalt improvement, desulfurization, building material and pharmacy industry. If we add water to limestone, we can get slaked lime whose main component is Ca(OH)2 and the slaked lime is usually used in environment, medicine and food industry.

Limestone Crushing Technology

Limestone is abundant on the planet so almost all demands in various industries can be met. Through simple beneficiation, the limestone can get purified. As for processing technologies, limestone usually needs to be crushed and classified to produce quick lime, slaked lime, sedimentary calcium carbonate, ultrafine calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide. As for the crushing technology, limestone is usually crushed under the dry environment and the finished product would be supplied to metallurgy and road industry.


Limestone Crusher in kenya Project Case