Granite is uniform in structure, rigid in texture and beautiful in color. It is a kind of high-quality durable aggregate and considered the king of stones. In building industry, granite can be everywhere from roof to floor. Being crushed, it can be used to produce cement and filling material. It is difficult for granite to weathering and its appearance and color can keep for over a century. Apart from being used as decorative building material and floor of hall, it is the first choice of open-air sculptures. Because granite is rare, it can add values of buildings whose floors are made from granite. Moreover, the natural countertop can tolerate heat so it is often taken priority among various building materials.

Granite Crushing Technology

At the first stage, jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing. Then, cone crusher works for middle and fine crushing. Sometimes, according to different demands, impact crusher (sand-making machine) would play a role in optimizing shape of material.


Granite Crusher Project Case