Basalt is the good source of cast stone. Cast stone can be got by melting, crystallizing, annealing the basalt. It is harder and more wearable than alloy, more erosion-resistant than lead and rubber. Besides, there is an advanced steel casting technology where basalt functions as the lubrication agent to extend the life expectancy of casting film. Meanwhile, basalt can be made into fiberglass which owns higher alkali and high temperature resistance. Of all kinds of basalt, the porous basalt, also known as pumice stone, is rigid and can be added in concrete to lose the weight of concrete and insulate the noises and heat. It is the good choice for construction of high buildings.

Basalt Crushing Plant Technology

The Moh's hardness of basalt is within 5-7 and the content of SiO2 reaches 45%-52%. So as for the crushing technology, instead of using impact crusher, cone crusher is often used for middle and fine crushing at the second and third stage.


Basalt Crushing Plant Project Case