Gypsum is the aquo-complex whose main component is CaSO4.It is widely used as industrial and construction material. Usually, the gypsum includes plaster stone and anhydrite. Plaster stone is Ca〔SO4〕•2H2O, also known as hydrated gypsum and soft gypsum. Its structure is compact mass and threadiness and the Moh's hardness of colorful plaster stone is 2. Anhydrite is Ca〔SO4〕and its Moh's hardness is 3-3.5. Its density is 2.8-3.0g/cm3. The two kinds of gypsum is companied by each other and transformed under some geologic conditions. They can be used in cement retarder, gypsum building product, model, medical food additive, vitriol production, paper filler and paint filler,etc..

Fineness Applications Recommended Equipment
80-120meshes Used in gypsum line and board. The anhydrite is applied less. MTM,MTW,LM
180-200meshes Used to produce gypsum line and board. The applications are relatively fewer. MTM,MTW,LM

Gypsum Processing Equipment

In terms of different applications and output finenesses, the operational mills may vary from one to another.


Gypsum Processing Equipment Project Case