Summary:Raymond mill is mainly composed of main engine, fan, analyzer, finished cyclone, and air duct. The components of the main engine are composed of a blade, a grin

Raymond Mill is an energy-efficient grinding equipment. Raymond Mill is not a panacea. He has a certain range of use. It is not that any ore chemical raw materials can be used for Raymond grinding. Raymond mill is used for powders with a humidity below 6% and hardness below 9.3, and is non-flammable and explosive. Under normal circumstances, the production efficiency of Raymond mill is considerable, but the production efficiency of Raymond mill is not constant. In the actual work, in the normal operation process, master the correct method and better maintenance. Maintenance, mastering certain operating skills and precautions will definitely increase the production efficiency of Raymond Mill.
In addition to Rayleigh's own factors, some objective factors also have a great impact. Here are four brief introductions.

1. Under normal circumstances, the higher the hardness, the lower the output, the higher the hardness of the material will reduce the production efficiency of the Raymond mill, and the wear of the parts of the Raymond mill will also increase.

2. The higher the viscosity of the material, the higher the adsorption capacity, the greater the possibility of not being selected by the wind, and the lower the efficiency of Raymond milling.

3.  Material Humidity: Raymond Mill is suitable for products with a humidity below 6%. The material with high water content will stick to the inside of the Raymond mill after grinding, and it will also cause blockage during transportation, which will obviously affect the efficiency of Raymond mill.

4.  the composition of the material: the normal use of Raymond mill can produce fineness between 80-325 mesh. If the material contains more fine powder, it will adhere to the inner wall of Raymond mill. It is best here. The vibrating screen was used before, and the size of the powder suitable for Raymond milling mechanism was selected to be the best.