Summary:Artificial sand making is now the main source of the major sand industry. In order to make the artificial sand matching project construction requirements as soo

Artificial sand making is now the main source of the major sand industry. In order to make the artificial sand matching project construction requirements as soon as possible, the machinery manufacturers in the mining industry are also trying their best. You see that the market is full of such Stone crusher, sand making machine and other equipment, as long as the customer said that they want to break up what materials, how much capacity, dozens of equipment factories in minutes to recommend hundreds of different types of crushed stone machines, sand making machines. When the market demand becomes diversified, the choice space is more diverse, and the old saying is also applied - only the design that can't be imagined, there is no machine that can't be done.

However, at this stage, China's mechanism sand market is still in an early stage of development. People are rushing to contact this fresh industry. They want to understand and fear to be fooled. Most of them are holding a try and walking attitude, so small sand and gravel Equipment is more likely to be favored by users in the market, because its low cost and reasonable price will not occupy a large amount of capital investment from customers, and it will not hurt the money if it is not working. In the mine sand and gravel industry, everyone knows that pebbles have high hardness and good quality. It is definitely easy to use for sanding. Many new users often ask us if we can break the pebbles, whether there is a small size and low output. Mobile cobblestone crushing equipment is recommended, giving a detailed quotation. Below we will solve the customer's problem one by one.

Cobblestone mobile crusher + jaw crusher combination: This small cobblestone mobile crusher has an hourly production capacity of 85-350 tons. It can be used for rough grinding and medium crushing of cobblestones, with high crushing efficiency and finished products. Uniform particle size, good quality of sand and gravel, and durable equipment.

Cobblestone moving crusher + cone breaking + screening combination: This small cobblestone moving stone crusher has the dual function of crushing and screening. The processing capacity per hour is between 36-400 tons, mainly used for chopping of cobblestones or The fine sand making operation has the characteristics of advanced technology, high degree of automation, good finished grain shape and good quality.

Cobblestone mobile crusher + pair of roller crusher combination: This small crusher equipment is mainly for cobblestone sand making operation, the processing capacity is between 5 and 110 tons per hour, and the gravel discharge granularity is between 2-10mm. It can be adjusted according to the process requirements. This combination is not only efficient, low-cost, but also has a low market price. It is very suitable for small-capacity mobile cobblestone sand production operations.

Cobblestone mobile crusher + hammer crusher combination: This combination is a combination of several small cobblestone mobile crusher equipment introduced today. It has a crushing ratio of very large, high cost performance and low energy consumption. It is more common in medium hardness material handling operations.

Cobblestone mobile crusher + impact crusher combination: This combination is a professional cobblestone gravel sand combination, which combines three kinds of crushing modes and one body. The production capacity per hour is between 70-280 tons, and the wearing parts are not easy to wear. The utility model has the advantages of low consumption, low production cost, wide application, plastic shape shaping and reasonable gradation.