Summary:2019 is a very special year for aggregates industry. Mining of river sand is restricted, and its price suddenly becomes very high. The word of “Time is ru

2019 is a very special year for aggregates industry. Mining of river sand is restricted, and its price suddenly becomes very high. The word of “Time is running out for sand” once caused panic in aggregates market. More and more investor start to pay attention to manufactured sand, the prospect of machine-made sand is booming. All of these make mobile crusher become the "new darling" of the market. The sales volume of mobile crusher hits new highs frequently, which is quite popular with the market and users. However, in 2020, mobile crushing equipment has been still occupying the "central position" in aggregates market. So let’s guess how long can the booming of mobile crushing stations last?

Here we need to emphasize that the booming of mobile crusher is related to the market. Construction waste can be always a difficult problem. With the development of infrastructure construction, there are many construction waste produced every year in global. And mobile crusher can crush all kinds of stone materials into different specifications. This can not only solve solid wastes effectively, but also create a lot of benefits.

In addition, with increasing environmental protection efforts, mining of river sand is restricted. According to statistics, the price of river sand in various regions has risen by nearly 40% in the past year. River sand resources are getting less and less, so it is very important for market to promote manufactured sand. The price of machine-made sand began to soar; of course, the market prospects are very good.

The use of mobile crusher is not restricted by the environment, as long as there are raw materials, it can make sand anytime and anywhere.


What are the advantages of mobile crushing equipment?

1. Disassembly basis free

Mobile crusher belongs to integrated unit equipment, which is easy to install. Compared to the split unit equipment, it is simpler to operate and maintain, and can bring users a smoother and smarter experience.

2. Electronic control operation

The entire production of mobile crusher can be fully monitored under the act of vehicle-mounted electronic control system; mobile crusher is equipped with a remote start-stop operation terminal interface, and equipped with remote low-voltage accessories, which can make it achieve control in bad environments such as high temperature exposure, wind and rain, low cold and freezing.

3. Efficient and flexible

Now that the environmental protection has become a general trend, there will be a brand new situation in 2021. That is to say, only by meeting environmental protection standards in production can we keep up with development.

Mobile crusher can be equipped with high-efficiency coarse crusher, medium crusher and screening. This can ensure less occupy space and more flexible production. Meanwhile, mobile crusher also has a unique environmental protection advantage in terms of control dust.


4. Integrated base design makes higher efficiency and lower cost

On a mobile frame, user can configure single or double crushing equipment, so the production structure is compact. In the case of realizing large-capacity, fine crushing or sand making projects, it can greatly reduce project investment costs and operating costs, fully realizing the cost-effectiveness of project investment.

In addition, mobile crusher can also equip with a generator set to meet the normal operation requirements of complex situations such as no power or power failure, ensuring continuous operation and production.

In conclude, whether it is the support of market or the advantage of mobile crusher, the mobile crusher has been popular for a long time. I believe that the future mobile crushing equipment will be definitely recognized by market with its quality and strength.