Summary:Impact crusher is important equipment for medium and fine crushing in stone crushing plant. Blocking is one of the common faults in impact crusher.

Impact crusher is important equipment for medium and fine crushing in stone crushing plant. Blocking is one of the common faults in impact crusher.During the production process, the blocking of impact crusher will cause the equipment to be forced to stop, waste a large amount of time cleaning, affecting the efficiency of the entire production line.

So, what are the specific reasons about impact crusher blocking? How to deal with it? Here are 9 reasons and solutions.

1, the humidity of raw material is large, easy to stick and cause blockage

If the raw material has high water content and high viscosity, the crushed material is easy to adhere to both sides of the screen hole and lining plate, resulting in the reduction of the volume of the crushing chamber and the low passing rate of the screen hole, resulting in material blockage.


The impact plate and feed inlet can be pre-heated, drying equipment can be installed, or the materials can be exposed to the sun in order to reduce the water content of the materials.

2, the feeding volume is too large and the feeding speed is too fast

When the feeding of the impact crusher is too large or too fast, the raw materials do not have much time to be crushed and discharge, resulting in material blockage.


During the feeding process, pay attention to the deflection angle of the ammeter indicator. When the feeding volume is large, the indicator of the ammeter will be too large. When the rated current of the machine is exceeded, it will cause overload operation. When impact crusher works long time under such conditions, it will lead to material blockage and even burn out the motor of the machine.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to immediately reduce the feeding volume by adjusting the feeding equipment.

3, the discharge speed is too slow

Under normal circumstances, the feeding speed and the discharging speed are balanced. Too much or too fast feeding will cause material blockage, and too slow discharging speed will also cause a large amount of material to be blocked inside the machine, which will cause blockage and failure of normal operation of the equipment.


Avoid overload operation of the machine, and adjust the feeding speed according to the processing capacity of the machine. During production, the size of the discharge opening should be adjusted in time according to the actual situation, so that the crushed materials can be discharged smoothly. If the raw materials change, the size of the discharge port shall also be adjusted accordingly.

4, the hardness or size of raw material is too large

When the material has high hardness and is hard to be crushed, or the feed size exceeds the maximum range of the impact crusher, the raw materials cannot be crushed sufficiently between the impact plate and the blow bar, which will also cause the blockage of discharge opening.


Before the materials enter the crushing chamber, the applicable materials of the impact crusher, especially the requirements for the properties of the materials, shall be clarified to ensure the correct feeding of the crusher; the material input into the crushing cavity should not be too much. An electric bell and an alarm flashing light can be installed at the feed opening to control the feeding and avoid the blockage caused by the input of too much material; the large sized raw material can be fed into the crushing chamber after coarse crushing to make the materials meet or close to the crushing requirements as much as possible, so as to avoid material blockage.

5, the parts of impact crusher wear

If the main components of the impact crusher are worn (such as impact plate, blow bar etc.), the crushing effect is poor and will also cause material blockage.


Pay attention to check the wear of the parts, replace the severely worn parts in time, ensure the crushing effect of the materials, and reduce the blockage.

6, the V-belt is loose and the transmission kinetic energy is insufficient

The crusher relies on the V-belt to transmit power to the grooved wheel to achieve the purpose of material crushing. If the V-belt is too loose, it will not be able to drive the grooved wheel, which will affect the crushing of the material, or make the crushed material cannot be smoothly removed, resulting in blockage.


During the production and crushing process, pay attention to check the tightness of the V-belt, and adjust it in time if it is improper.

7, the main shaft of impact crusher damaged

The main shaft is the "lifeblood" for the normal operation of all parts of the impact crusher. If the main shaft is damaged, all parts of the equipment will be affected and cannot operate normally, so as to stop the movement of the equipment and cause material blockage.


Operators and maintenance personnel need to pay more attention to the maintenance and repair of the main shaft, lubricate in time, do a good job in maintenance, and solve problems in time to avoid affecting normal production.

8, improper operation

Improper operation such as unfamiliarity with the process or a temporary error of operators may also cause material blockage of impact crusher.


Equipment operators should be strictly trained and qualified before taking the post. They must not only be familiar with the operation specifications of the equipment, but also understand the process of the whole production line.

9, improper design of the crushing chamber

The crushing chamber is the main place for the impact crusher to crush the materials, which is discharged from the lower part after completion. If the design is improper, the materials are easy to cause blockage in the lower part of the crushing chamber.


The crushing chamber can be improved by adopting a curved crushing chamber, that is, the meshing angle of the crushing chamber is gradually reduced from top to bottom. This crushing chamber type is conducive to the downward falling of the crushed large materials, and can also enable the free unloading of small materials from the crushing area, so that the materials can be removed smoothly and reduce the blockage of materials. In order to avoid various problems caused by improper equipment design, it is best to purchase machines from guaranteed large manufacturers.

When the impact crusher is blocked, do not rush to repair blindly. First find the cause of the problem, and then take reasonable countermeasures to solve the problem and minimize the negative impact caused by blocking. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message.