Summary:In recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant departments jointly released some important policies for the development of aggregates industry

In recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant departments jointly released some important policies for the development of aggregates industry that has pointed out the direction for sand aggregates industry development.

China Aggregates Association gave an exclusive interview to SBM's executive vice president Fang Libo on some related issues about aggregates equipment and industry.

Q: As an aggregates equipment enterprise, we all know SBM sponsored theFifth "SBM Cup" National Sand Aggregates Competition, so how does the aggregates equipment improve the development of high-quality sand aggregates?

Mr Fang: It's a very important step (refers to sponsor competition), there is always included comparison for sand aggregates product in the competition every year. This fills the gap of domestic research on sand aggregates technology and promotes the improvement standards of the application of sand aggregates in concrete to a large extent.

Q: In the process of promoting the quality for sand aggregates product, what kind of impact and chance do you think the country will bring to aggregates equipment industry?

Mr Fang:President Hu Youyi (the president of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) had mentioned that sand aggregates industry may be the last big industrial one. There is no doubt that these policies show the importance of government to the sand aggregates industry including industrial transformation and industrialization upgrading. Thisis the result of our joint efforts—reaches each mineral resources full potential.

Q: China has vigorously promoted the building of "One Belt and One Road" in recent years, as a representative of "going global" strategy of China's sand aggregates equipment enterprise, what are some tips or ways you can share for other enterprises?

Mr Fang:Everyone in the industry knows that SBM entered the global market very early. We participated in the global market through this new form of Internet marketing as early as in 2000. Now we have a lot customer in more than 170 countries around the world.

As we all know, the construction of infrastructure needs sand aggregates and it's a huge demand. I think, through the "One Belt and One Road" strategy, in the future, China can better spread these "know-how" or experience we have accumulated in the aggregates industry to "One Belt and One Road" countries, including specific production process, equipment and standards. This can provide better "food" for their infrastructure construction, and on the other hand, it can truly represent the quality and image of China, proving that we can provide construction aggregates with high quality.From this point of view, I think the strategy of "One Belt and One Road" for industries as a whole is so meaningful.

Q: Now, AI (artificial intelligence) and 5G technology have been continuously integrated into the sand aggregates and equipment industry. The development of relevant equipment, smart mill and unmanned mines (High degree of automation) is fast, so what is the application prospect of new technology in sand aggregates industry?

Mr Fang:About it, 5G, AI, Big Date and Web of Things, these are really a hot topic in China, but they are having a common feature—they are basic general technologies. For example, nowadays artificial intelligence technology is deeply applied in face recognition, speech recognition and other fields, unmanned mines, and sand aggregates industry is in this context can be combined with new technology. I believe, sand aggregates industry is a very good application platform for new technologies.

For SBM, with a number of companies, we are also in initial stages of exploration and collaboration. Whether it is a smart mine or the application of new technologies in sand aggregates industry, it's going to be a land where a variety new phenomenon.

(Fang Libo, the executive vice President of the group, was interviewed by CCTV, dragon TV, Guangdong TV, Xinhua News Agency, and other media,)

Q: At present, under the influence of high price and shortage of sand aggregates in market, the topic of recycling construction solid waste into recycled aggregate products is very hot. And we want to know what has SBM done in this regard?

Mr Fang:About this, I think it was been introduced very clear by President Hu in the International Report Conference. At present, the price of sand aggregates is relatively high. Recycled aggregate in the export, although not as high as other aggregates products, there is a certain amount of profit space. It is able to operate in the business to same extent.

SBM has established the resources and equipment regeneration department which focus on solid waste, including recycling of construction waste. SBM started developing mobile crushing products in the early years. In addition to our own mobile crusher, we also provide customers with Northern Ireland cost-effective caterpillar mobile crushing screening equipment. The combination of advanced European equipment and technology with the products of SBM can jointly solve the new demand of the construction solid waste market.

Q: Let's talk to the Eighth "SBM Cup" National Calligraphy, Painting and Photography Competition in Sand Aggregates Industry, would you please share some experience of aggregates equipment in the construction of enterprise culture?

Mr Fang:The competition named by SBM is not just a competition but a platform for cultural promotion and communication. It's important to develop our enterprise culture which is a soul of a company. On the other hand, this competition is also President Hu who advocated and has been holding.

Many people doubt that we spent to build a manufacturing base in Shanghai Lingang at such a high cost. The investment in the project located in the new harbor area in Shanghai is definitely a big investment, because we need to build a platform for fair and face-to-face competition with world-class companies in the same industry.

So, from these points above, the exhibition of various images of SBM (including our exhibition hall) is to give confidence to our team and our customer, and I think it also gives us the confidence of the Chinese sand aggregates industry that we can do well and reach the world class level.

At the end of the interview, Mr Fang said: Considering that the situation of the epidemic situation in various places is gradually improving, as more and more SBM's employees return to work, SBM resume production is starting "acceleration". We hope release production capacity as far as possible and try to complete order delivery, minimizing the impact on customers, production and operation of enterprises. That will be our duty and pursue.