Summary:Sand making machine is not unfamiliar for everyone. As an important machine in aggregates industry, sand making machine plays a special roles in the processing of modern construction.

Sand making machine is not unfamiliar for everyone. As an important machine in aggregates industry, sand making machine plays a special roles in the processing of modern construction.

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However, there are also users who bought a sand maker and found a lot of problems when operation. One of the most troublesome is the blocking.

There are many reasons that may cause blockage of material when using sand making equipment, such as material, user operation and equipment. So how should we solve this question?

The essay will help you analyze the reasons.

1. Unsuitable material

Metatarsal with high water content is easy to adhere to the sand making machine. The most effective solution is to preheat the material at the inlet. It's also easy to lead material blockage when material is too hard or too large, so we should crush material into proper size before delivering.

2. The feeding speed is too fast

If feeding and processing speed cannot be well matched, such as fast feeding and slow crushing, it may cause machine plugging material because of too late to discharge. Users should ensure uniform and continuous feeding toavoid the blocking problem of equipment.

In addition, we should pay attention to the ammeter pointer changes when feeding. Generally speaking, the larger the feed amount is the wider ammeter pointer deflection Angle is. As we all know, long time overload will damage the electrical machinery. We should reduce or close the material door immediately (or you can choose increase feeder to control input quantity) to prevent sand maker from blocking.

3. The tightness of triangle belt is not appropriate

The process of sand making machine drive the groove wheel by the triangle belt to crush material. It may appear skidding abnormal conditions-the groove wheel can't work when the triangle belt is loose. Material can't be crushed so that the phenomenon of blocking will occur.

4. Improper adjustment of discharge

In the process of sand production, if the discharge speed is too slow, it will cause the subsequent crushing material accumulating in the discharge outlet (maybe in crushing chamber), resulting in the discharging obstacle.

5. Coordination with other equipment.

When the material you choose to transport exceeds the crushing capacity, this will lead materials cannot be fully crushed and then enter into crusher quickly.

6. Heavy wear of parts

When quick-wear parts are badly damaged, the material entered into sand making machine cannot be fully crushed and discharged. Therefore users should replace wearing parts in time.

7. Voltage is too low or unstable

The actual capacity of sand making machine will be lower than the theoretical capacity. If the speed of feeding material is not adjusted, there would be blockage. We should keep holding voltage when running the equipment.

8. Wrong operation

Wrong operation is a common reason that sand making machine may be blocked by material. In this case, it's important for operator to train systematically. They can't operate until they are familiar with the operation.

The above is all analysis about how to solve the sand making machine blocking. Here I want to remind we should try to choose formal manufacturer when we purchase the sand making machine. Thus not only can ensure the quality of sand making machine but avoid some problem in the operation.

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