Ore processing, we are more professional

In ore processing industry, SBM has not only established its own technical team but also actively cooperated with mine design institutes, ensuring the specialty of design solutions effectively. SBM has assisted many customers in the world in production line modification and establishment of the full set of beneficiation production line.

Ore features

Gulch gold is mainly distributed in some alluvial ore deposits. The gold normally exists in the gravel mine in the form of particle, schistose and dendritic. The gold particle size is 0.5~2mm in general. However, there are also large blocks of gold weighing several kilograms and particle gold in powder.

Beneficiation technology

The gold content in the gravel mine is extremely low and requires separation and purification for melting and processing of next step. So, the beneficiation of gravel mine must include separation and purification process. As is known to all, the gold specific gravity is much larger than gravel specific gravity. The gold in the gravel mine normally exists in free states, so gravity separation is the easiest and most effective method.