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CS Series High-efficiency Spring Cone Crusher




Inherit classical structural design, realize stable and reliable performance

The reason why CS series spring cone crusher becomes the most widely used cone breaker both at home and abroad is its reliability under various working conditions; CS series substantially reserves its classical structures, such as spring safety device, large diameter main shaft, heavy rack and dry oil seal, which guarantee the equipment reliability to the greatest extent.

Multiple optional cavity types, applicable to multiple working conditions

CS series high-efficiency spring cone crusher has two types, i.e. standard type and short head type; each type of crusher is equipped with multiple cavities, so that it is suitable for the intermediate crushing and fine crushing operation requirements of materials of various rigidities. A large number of practical applications show that CS series high-efficiency spring cone crusher realizes excellent performance when being used in intermediate crushing operations.

Hydraulic lubrication system, simpler operations

CS cone crusher is equipped with hydraulic lubrication system, through which the user of this system can easily complete the adjustment of equipment discharge opening and the cavity cleaning operations of the equipment, thus simplifying the daily operations of the cone crusher. In addition, this system adopts electric cooling system lubricating oil station, which can realize the automatic control of lubrication station and guarantee the lubrication and cooling during the equipment operating process.

16 sets of high-performance alloy steel springs, effectively guarantee the safety of crusher

In order to prevent blocking, overload or other emergencies occurring to the crusher when iron block or other non-crushing materials entering the crushing cavity, we install 16 sets of high-performance alloy steel springs around the CS cone crusher; the overload protective system centered on the spring set can effectively guarantee the safety of crusher.





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