Summary:In the operation process of vibration exciter, the excited force is the centrifugal force produced by the rotation of eccentric mass.

Vibration exciter is the vibration source of vibrating screen. The amplitude of vibration exciter can be adjusted by additional weight. In the operation process of vibration exciter, the excited force is the centrifugal force produced by the rotation of eccentric mass. The excited force make the screen box do linear movement, and the raw materials pass through the screen mesh and be separated. While working, there might be some problems in the vibration exciter. In this article, we focus on reasons and solutions about common faults of vibration exciter in vibrating screen.

Start With Heavy Load

The sudden halt caused by production or the faults of other equipment makes the screen box full of raw materials. At this time, if we start the vibration exciter with heavy load, it will easily cause the damage of universal coupling and some other parts in vibration exciter. In this case, we should avoid the vibration exciter starting with heavy load.

Damage Of Vibration Reducing System

The failure of anti-vibrating spring and too much raw material piled up under the screen deck will both cause the unbalance of the vibration reducing system, which will lead to the damage of vibration exciter. To solve this problem, we should check the anti-vibrating spring regularly. For the anti-vibrating spring that fails or deforms, operators should change it timely. Besides, operators should ensure that the newly changed spring has same rigidity with the old one.

Quality Problem In Maintenance And Installation

In the maintenance and installation process, the improper adjustment of vibration exciter clearance will lead to the deviation of relative positions between vibration exciter& motor, axial and radial connection section of universal coupling& eccentric block of vibration exciter. In this case, the vibration exciter will vibrates greatly and produce much heat, badly influence the normal work of vibrating screen.

To solve this problem, operators should pay special attention in the maintenance and installation of vibration exciter:

1. While installing the motor, we should choose two motors with same damping and ensure them run-in synchronism;

2. Before installing the vibration exciter, we should ensure the running directions of the two motors are opposite;

3. The motors and vibration exciter should be in the same vertical plane;

4. The disassembly and assembly of vibration exciter should be carried out in clean place;

5. Before installing, all the spare parts should be cleaned.